Series of Street Art: The Bushwick Collective


The whiteout and eventual destruction of 5Pointz was devastating. In 2013, Long Island City residents and visitors lost a very important fight to preserve a landmark which housed some of the world’s most beloved graffiti artists’ works. Even with popular artist Banksy trying to fight the good fight, there was simply no convincing the property owners to not build their condos. It was tough seeing the empty lot that once exhibited over 1,500 works from 300 artists, unaware an incredible project which would help ease a loss was already growing strong in Brooklyn.

Between the Morgan and Montrose stops on the L-train lives a Mecca for artists. The Bushwick Collective, miles of some of my favorite stylized murals, urban artists, and visual stories decorating businesses and empty lots alike, each honoring the point of creation. ALL of Bushwick has become a fascinating neighborhood museum for a variety of curious street art: spray painted murals on homes, garage doors, trash bins & trucks, knitted images hanging from fences, and even practical use items (such as free libraries, bike racks and recycling bins) for us all to appreciate. If you like to gaze up at the clouds while you visit areas, you’ll spot some steel sculptures on the rooftops, robots and giant metallic spiders invading corner windows from the top floor.

Thanks to the Bushwick Collective, which was founded in 2012, for the pleasure of meeting new people while they are working in warehouses (more realistically on their breaks) asking if I’d seen certain pieces and pointing me in the direction of their favorite works. I’m grateful to share experiencing seeing great scenes for the first time with the world, learning about each artist’s passions and what inspires the collective to continue providing art for the community.

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