The End of an Era


There are many more Covid related deaths. The ones we don’t talk about is businesses. Recently it was announced a Huntington restaurant that are friends of LIB Magazine, Cinque Terre, announced their were shutting their doors for good. Cinque Terre was a great restaurant!

Restaurants, especially family restaurant are at the heart of our economy. Restaurants employ dozens of people, and many times the end of a complicated supply chain. Think of the industries restaurants influence. They influence dozens of vendors, everything from alcohol, soft drinks, fish, meats, linens and loads of others. Cinque Terre provided entertainment with local musicians Grooveline Entertainers, an Elvis Impersonator and anything else they thought was interesting. They were a powerhouse in the local Huntington economy. This is a sad day.

Formal dining establishments like Cinque Terre offer high end foods, drink in a social setting and even provide entertainment. I understand casual food options have become trendy but there will always be room for places like Cinque Terre. We are going to miss this place. They offer something the big box chains can’t. No offense to TGIFs, Applebee’s or Chili’s but they can’t hold a candle to real restaurants.

These are a few small things I think can help small mom and pops stay in business.

Pay cash-

there is no reason to have them foot a transaction fee by Mastercard or Visa. Believe me the credit card companies don’t need your money. Trust me, they are going to do fine.

Try something different-

skip the Jack Daniels grill… see what a real steak tastes like. I didn’t know what I was missing until I actually tried an Argentinian steak house. (Side note if your friends say they are doing an Argentinian or Brazilian steak house, drop EVERYTHING and go!)

Try the specials-

the chefs know what’s in season and fresh. Listen to them.

Pair the meal with wine or a drink-

dinner is a celebration. Celebrate! Crack the vino sit back and enjoy. If you go to fabled Argentinian steak house pair your steaks with a Malbec. You will not be disappointed.

Tip up-

if a service tip is 17 dollars tip $20. We are all struggling including wait staff. An extra three dollars per table can make all the difference in the world.

If the professional can do it for the price you could, let them do it!

This is an old Bob Villa line. He was talking about construction but it applies to food, as well.


Take advantage of all this Al Fresco dining. It’s a really cool concept and a fun spin on the normal.

As per Cinque Terre, Anthony and Pam Page, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. I know it’s going to be exciting and delicious. Thank you for your friendship and opening my eyes on what is possible with foods. You have a group of fans at LIB Magazine.

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