The Hunna Release Deluxe Album “I’d Rather Die Than Let You In”


The Hunna return for the release of I’d Rather Die Than Let You In (Deluxe).

The deluxe album of I’d Rather Die Than Let You In signifies the final chapter of our toughest time as a band, saying goodbye to the betrayal and greed of a record label & manager & looking ahead to life without lockdown restrictions & a new era of the band. “Can’t Break What’s Broken” is a track full of power & survival instincts.. one last nail in the coffin of a tyrant to say “we survived and we’re stronger”. “God I Miss My Friends” written during lockdown reminisces on a time before COVID playing crazy shows all over the world full of blood, sweat & tears & how much we’ve missed being around our best friends… our fans, ”  said Ryan of The Hunna.



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