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As I sit here letting the squares on the calendar tick off, I sit here grateful. Grateful that I am able to write this, grateful that you are able to read this. Life is precious, if nothing else Covid taught us that. I think all of us know someone afflicted with this scourge of society…. And if you don’t thank whatever deity you choose…. And it might be time to get out and meet people.








I wonder what norms are going to change? It’s obvious things will change, but how?

Covid19 is a tick more than 15 months since first detected. It was first reported by the WHO (World Health Organization) in November 2019. It has taken more than 400,000 lives in the US alone. I understand diseases are scavengers.


Diseases will attack your most vulnerable systems, be it respiratory issues, circulation or reproductive. Again I attest, diseases are scavengers

Our country effectively shut down March 13, 2020. Terms that were never in vogue made were popular in our lexicon. Terms like “social distancing,” “ppe” or “essential workers.” The expectation of everyone has a mask or face covering became normal. There are some things will never go back to pre March 2020 normal.

Most of us think of what we missed. At times I’m subject to these thoughts. I think back to last summer missing RATM’s return, Electric Zoo, Broadway, Dinner with friends, even Easter lunch. I feel it was taken from us. But I start wondering what concerts will look like in the future? I don’t think anyone knows. I miss seeing local bands like Revel 9 or Craving Strange. I miss dancing to my passion of house music. I want to see artists like Carl Cox, Jonathan Peters or Benny Benassi. I want to feel music hit me in my chest. I want my heart beat to sync to a driving beats. I want to attend Electric Zoo Labor Day weekend. I want to celebrate Independence Day with the guys at Dance. Here. Now. I want to go to EDC. What will be your first concert?


I want to be able to go to Broadway. I’m sick of watching Les Miserables on Youtube. Want to experience Jean Valjean in person. I want to see the chandelier fall from the rafters at Phantom of the Opera. I relish wanting Christine sing her ass off. I also want the ability to actively ignore ALL the Disney shows. The Lion King might be a good story, but Broadway… Come on! That a stretch. Regardless I want the choice to actively ignore them.

What’s going to happen with the simple act of shaking hands? Or giving a friend a kiss on the cheek? What is the evolution of acts like dancing with someone? How do you Tango 6 feet apart? How about helping a senior cross the street? They treat you like a human petri dish (and they should) but we treat them the same. Do we start not caring do to our own health concerns? If everyone is potentially the person that could kill you, I guarantee we will deal with them less. When salvation comes in the form of selfishness we all pay a price.


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Phantom of the Opera
Craving Strange
Les Miserables Jonathan Peters Revel 9
Rage Against the Machine
Carl Cox
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