THE SPILL CANVAS Sign to Pure Noise Records & Announce New Album Conduit


The Spill Canvas announced their signing to Pure Noise Records and will be releasing a new album, Conduit, on March 5, 2021.
“I hope our old fans enjoy it, while gaining an appreciation for our new direction,” says Thomas, “but I also aim to gain new fans. During the height of our previous success, the music industry was wildly different from today, and Conduit is a way of proving to myself that we still have something viable that people can, and want to, connect with. I don’t seek to be some massive arena act, although that’d be rad, my hope is more so getting as many new ears to listen and resonate with it so that they’re like ‘I am now a fan of this band for life.’ That’s the dream.”
Fans can pre-order the highly anticipated 10-track album now here.
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