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Part of LIB’s culture is encouraging new talent. The prerequisite for encouraging talent is noticing talent. When I heard a new guitarist is playing an acoustic set at Kelly’s Pub in Bohemia, I had check it out. Enter Matt Taylor. Matt is a young, talented artist who is up and coming. 

Off in a corner next to the bar there he was set up- a stool, a  guitar and microphone stand. All the tools of the trade. When I walked in we heard a real good rendition of John Mellencamp (not sure if he went with the ‘Cougar’ moniker at the time… but oh well) Jack and Diane. A little diddy of two American kids from the heartland. Normally I hate covers because I hate hearing someone’s else version of a third person’s song, and I was able to just dismiss Matt, but then it happened. A cover done his way. Mind blowing. 

Matt Taylor started a cover of Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive.” He added a little creativity to a song I heard a thousand times. Really well done. I was hooked. I listened to rest of his set intently, and saw the talent emanate through his fingers. His strong voice filled the pub. I am officially a Matt Taylor fan! 

Matt was able to blend standard cover songs with ones adding some creativity. I’d love to hear some more original movie, but I believe it’s coming. 

I can see Matt Taylor be a staple in my iPod. 

Check out Matt Taylor‘s YouTube page. 

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