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Editor’s Note: If you look on The Witches Brew Facebook page (which has more than 14,000 Likes) the only description you will find in the “About” section is: Coffee Love. The description, below the about section, says, “Please do not park in the dry cleaners parking lot next door. They will put your car on a tow truck and ask for lots of money to take it down.” The Witches Brew cares. A lot. (About the coffee and the people.)

If you’re not old enough to hit the bars and legally drink or just want a cozy coffeehouse to hang out in and sip delicious beverages to stay warm during this dreary winter, come on down to the Witches Brew!

The funky coffeehouse has been a Long Island staple since 1996 and has long been considered a great date spot for couples and a funky hangout for those who haven’t hit the legal age to drink yet. Unlike the Salem, Massachusetts café of the same name, the vibe of the Witches Brew is a cross between eclectic artist and San Francisco chic. Adorned with second-hand furniture and twinkling Christmas lights, the eccentric décor nonetheless gives off a cozy vibe and attracts patrons of all ages.

The Witches Brew has some of the best coffee on Long Island and 85 teas on their menu

However, the artsy décor is not what draws caffeine junkies to the doors of the Witches Brew—it’s there jaw-dropping menu of coffee, teas, and delicious vegan options. Some of their best selling coffee items include a drink called the Ghost, which is a delightful mix of smooth caramel flavor and toasted marshmallows topped with freshly whipped cream. The Nightmare is also a popular drink because it’s an interesting mix of espresso, peanut butter, chocolate, and caramel.

For those coffee lovers who are not so adventurous, they also offer coffee floats in any flavor. Each float mixes flavored coffee and ice cream, topped with a dollop of whipped cream. The Witches Brew also combines hot chocolate and coffee for a delicious beverage that will appeal to caffeine junkies and chocoholics alike.

Tea lovers will also have a field day browsing through the menu too. The Witches Brew has 85 teas on their menu and patrons can pick any two or three teas and have them blended into one drink. Their bestsellers include their traditional chai blend, traditional Earl Grey, and a beverage called Angel Falls Mist, which is a mix of strawberry and lemon tea combined with rose hips and hibiscus.

Chocolate lovers will also be pleased to know that their hot chocolate selection is not neglected either. Patrons can order frozen hot chocolate year round, which is a perfect dessert to share for two if you’re out on a date, regular hot chocolate, or if you’re feeling adventurous, mint or raspberry-flavored hot chocolate.

A Long Island Coffee House With Great Edibles

All of their mouth-watering pastries are handmade on premises and include vegan options as well. Vegans can sample the usual assortment of cookies and brownies plus cheesecake in flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and blueberry on the weekends too.

If you’re looking for scrumptious desserts that are made with a little TLC to compliment your coffee, make sure you try one of the pastries at this coffeehouse!

If you’re looking for a cozy place with a funk vibe to hang out with friends and have a few laughs with over a cup of coffee or even a unique date spot, make sure you stay warm by stopping by the Witches Brew to try one of their magical pastries and beverages!

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