Theo’s classics in Freeport



Vamos a jugar en el sol. Let’s go play in the sun. We did just that Sunday celebrating DJ Theo’s 10 year anniversary. Theo lit up Tropix on the Nautical Mile in Freeport with an intense 10 hour epic set. This ten hour extended set was dubbed Theo Classics- Summer Classics.


Theo at Tropix was as close to the days growing up hanging out at Neptune’s Sunday afternoons. The glorious sun beating down on us, cold drinks in my hand and high quality music played by Long Island’s best. Cancel all your plans- this is where you want to be.


Extended sets are amazing. The beautiful thing about sets lasting that long is it forces the DJ to dig thru his play list. Theo busted out some modern shit but the bulk were classics. Hard hitting, smile on your face classics.


In a world were most DJs are either European or Latin, Theo is our answer. Theo is New York’s answer to Morillo, Avicii or Sinclar. This guys are good but Theo is ours!



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