Twiddle at The Space


Photos by Dylan Thompson

Vermont- a lovely state nestled between New York and New Hampsire. Vermont’s biggest contributions are Maple Syrup, Bernie Sanders and jam band Twiddle. We experienced the latter live at Westbury’s The Space.

I used the term “experieced Twiddle” because that is exactly what it is- an experience. These four Vermont native took the stage and did their thing flawlessly. The two hour set was amazing! This was the first time I saw a “Jam Band” and was left impressed. The way these four guys played off each was awesome.

Truth is I’ve never cared for the guitar solo prevelant in 70’s rock, like in Skynyrd’s Freebird. I just find it to be long, drawn out and rather boring. Jam bands are different. It has a improv feel to the music, and their fans look forward to it. When vocalist Mihali Savoulidis sang, everyone listened. Twiddle has fabulous stage presence.

The Space was packed with fans. It was the same type of crowd I’d expect at Greatful Dead show back in the day. It was definatly a music first crowd!

Twiddle will be back in New York- Albany, for New Years Eve. Check them out.

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