I Want It That Way- The Backstreet Boys at AXIS Planet Hollywood Las Vegas


In 2013, Britney Spears was the first pop star in the height of her career to launch a residency in Las Vegas. Spears paved the way and others have followed including Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, New Kids on the Block and now the Backstreet Boys.

Women are living out their adolescent dreams by planning a girls weekend or bachelorette party trips to Vegas to see these 90s heartthrobs. Here are a few facts about the Backstreet Boys show and after party you will want to know before you schedule your trip.

1. Do you love “As Long as You Love Me”? Get ready for the famous chair dance; unfortunately even though it’s Vegas don’t expect a lap dance.

2. A part of you will die inside when you see the Backstreet Boys dancing with canes. If you don’t already feel old you will.

3. The Backstreet Boys legendary “Everybody” dance has been modified! I guess BSB can no longer go down to the floor, but what they can’t do their five hot young male dancers can.

4. Don’t expect any glitz, glamour or special effects for the Backstreet Boys Vegas show; expect a night filled with nostalgia.

5. Are you debating about going to the Backstreet Boy’s after party at Chateau? VIP is the only way to go! Even though fans will be fighting for the Backstreet Boys attention, there is still a good chance you can snag a photo with Kevin or Howie.

6. The merchandise sold at the show is disappointing; save your money and get inexpensive souvenirs to bring home from Downtown Vegas.

7. If you’ve seen Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez’s show at The AXIS Planet Hollywood you know that some of their historic outfits are displayed in the lobby. However, Backstreet Boys they don’t, hopefully that will change.

8. If you are an old school Backstreet Boys fan, you will be happy to know that “Darlin’” is on their set list.

9. Debating where to sit? Planet Hollywood is small and all the seats are good, but purchase the VIP Table package if you want BSB dancing up close and personal.

10. Are you into 50 Shades of Grey? The Backstreet Boys wear leather harnesses to enhance your boy band S&M fantasies.

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