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John is always telling me to just write my stories. I don’t think people ever believe half of what I’m telling them, there seems to always be weird shit happening to people, the same who have asked me to write about them for as long as I can remember. When I started out as a kid in middle school, nothing could stop me from finding a brave voice in poetry and short stories, nobody could shut up its defiant expression about everything ranging from best bands to politics, but when I sit down these days, uncertainty of what you’d find interesting to read takes over and wind up not doing a whole lot more than feeling uncreative.

Wildwood State Park at sunset, Long Island

For most of 2018, I chased down exhibit and gallery openings, sought out artists, organizations, worked with art agents, promoters, collectives and what started out as being a contributor turned into a full time job of being a promoter for the arts, in conjunction with a wish to expand with stories of the beer world, eventually travel, and anything else. I will always promote artists and highlight their incredible projects, there will be no shortage of everything art here at LIB, but expect random & different from me this coming year. I hope to share so many stories and events I was able to participate in or attend over the last six months since I’ve gone quiet in the Libverse! It feels like a shame not to share some of them with you.

As a bartender for an independent craft beer brewery, I hope to bring you fun and educational insight to my job because it’s more than just pouring beer; the NY beer scene is a culture and community (and wow, do I have a lot of awesome stories for you!). Long Island has a strong, stellar beer scene, there has to be a way to bring everything together!

As a writer, I have plenty of stories in the vault, like the Fourth of July 2002 when we spent the night crashing a rooftop party, right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, overlooking this fabulous city. It was easy to follow a group of people into the holiday party we weren’t invited to and make ourselves comfortable in spite of Vivian wearing home-made Veggie Tales pajama pants with matching bandana that probably didn’t fit in. We sat on the water-tower steps and watched the fireworks with a new skyline. Ten months later, it really was quite majestic, an experience that couldn’t be planned or recreated.

5Boros Summer Ale @ Big aLICe’s Barrel Room, Brooklyn

What fun is living if the best of moments can’t be shared? That’s my philosophy about beer, it should be about everything else.

How was your winter? Did you make New Years resolutions? Has anyone kept any of them? What plans did you make for the summer? Any stories to share? Any stories you want to hear about…? I’m sure I could come up with something.

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