ZHU Remixes Mathame’s ‘Never Give Up’


Mathame announced the final remix for their latest single, ‘Never Give Up’. Released today via ‘B1 Recordings / Ministry Of Sound’, ‘Never Give Up’ (ZHU Remix) is now available to stream and purchase. ZHU’s rework is the fifth official remix for the track, following the previously released remixes from Vril, Lost Frequencies, Diplo and Adriatique.

“Musically, ‘Never Give Up’ has many influences, from techno to cinematic soundtracks and sound design. We try to synthesise all our influences into one track that can be like a manifesto of our sound, dynamic, wider, handcrafted, dreaming, with a simple and strong message. A message to the earth, like a flag that calls everyone to not ever give up. The track arrives at the time of a global crisis where it feels like everything is out of our hands and we have lost control. Now more than ever, the planet earth and humanity need this message, every day and every night,” said Mathame.


Stream here.

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