Pets for Vets at Even Flow


Paul McEvoy (1982- 2014) served in the US Army’s 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team “Thunder Platoon.” He was one of the boys that kicked in doors looking for insurgents, protecting everyone else from snipers and what not. Paul passed from a heart virus last November, 2014.

Danny Wiseman and the staff of Even Flow Bar and Grill held a benefit for our fallen hero. The Paul McEvoy Wings for Warriors benefit was held June 27th and 28th.


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The event started with a motorcycle run from Bay Shore to Oak Beach and back. After the run ended, there were 2 fabulous nights of music.

Even Flow Bar and Grill raised $5,000 that was donated to Pets For Vets. This $5,000 will help provide past veterans with service dogs.

Heidi Holstad runs the local chapter of Pets for Vets. Pets For Vets is a national organization with 32 chapters across country. They help heal emotional wounds of war by leading a voice to those in need, selecting and training pets. Studies have shown waking dogs help can help be social, at home it can help from not being hyper vigilant. Pets For Vets look for dogs from shelters and rescues animals from 2 to 5 years old. Pets for vets is open to all past veterans.


Pets For Vets is 100% volunteer. 100% of proceeds go directly to help. Their web site for the national charity is linked here. You can find Pets For Vets locally on Facebook.


Thank you
Gimmie The Loot                                                                                      Dying Breed
Afterbirth                                                                                                   Blame the Sun
Beyond the Flames                                                                                   Logan's Room
Craving Strange                                                                                        REVEL 9
Josh Lefkon                                                                                               LTO Broadway
The Vinyl Plane                                                                                         Permanent Scar
Drowning In Darkness                                                                              Nifty Breed

All you guys rocked. These bands represent the Long Island sound!



 Pets For Vets with Even Flow owner Daniel Wiseman

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