Juice Cleansing: A Trend Here to Stay


Juice cleansing is a phenomenal health trend first adopted by celebrities, but it has since made its way into mainstream diet and lifestyle plans. We all know about the not-so new master cleanse, which includes a mix of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup.  However, an honest-to-goodness juice cleanse is a short-term, all liquid diet composed of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. A 3-day juice cleanse is almost always the standard; those who really want to take it a bit further can juice for up to 10 days which is definitely more difficult and usually not recommend. The juice cleanse fad boasts a number of benefits such as restored energy, possible weight lost, hair and skin rejuvenation. This certainly is not a trend for females only; men frequently are part of the juice-cleansing bandwagon as well. Valid reasons to cleanse include days after heavy drinking, as part of a workout regime or to detoxify both your body and mind.  Performing a juice cleanse gives the digestive system a break from processing heavy proteins and fat. There are a number of inexpensive fruit and vegetable recipes on the web that can help anyone who wants to try it out.  The other way to get in on this trend is by ordering from companies like BluePrint or Urban Remedy, whose signature juice cleanses do the work for you. These companies offer organic juice cleanses that are bottled and delivered to your door. In most cases, you can customize your order to fit your taste preference and desired level of cleanse.  Keep in mind a standard 3-day juice supply will cost you upwards of $200 – $300.  This might appear a bit pricey, but the convenience of having a complete juice cleanse package can be pretty unbeatable – especially for health-conscious users who are always on the run. Nevertheless, I would recommend going to a specialty shop or supermarket and buying organic fruits and veggies to avoid the steep price tag of a 3-day juice cleanse.  The celebrity-endorsed health trend is not disappearing anytime soon..  so go ahead and juice on!

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